Case Study: Redesigning the Largest Selling/Buying Platform

Quikr is the leading platform in India for buying, selling/reselling products , post Ads and get services nearby at a negotiable cost and get your products delivered by the platform hassle-free.

This redesign is about improving the platform to drive smooth delightful user-centered experience in line with its business strategy .

Heuristic Evaluation:

The Buying process

01. Browsing Categories

Buying options are repeated and personalised options are displayed on another tab which is related to search history — which a bit of concern to a person’s privacy.

Features of Ad and Spot light ads are not categorised properly. Other Goggle Ads occupy more of the page content , bringing in cluttered UI for the user.

02. Selecting a Product

Selecting a Category has other options are irrelevant — eg : Displaying of second handed cars in new car sections .Upon selection of the product , the features should be at a glance view and should’t be cluttered. The right amount of product specs should be displayed and filter / sorted at ease.

03. Making an offer

A third party messaging app would let the user navigate outside the app which most of the users are reluctant.

The filling of info to negotiate is not of ease if a user is going to browse various product and cut on the deals.


The transaction is before the delivery of product, which makes the user wait for the delivery to happen.

Selling process

01. Selling a product

Two options to sell : post photo and add details and post ads with respective plans

02. Setting up your own shop

There is another section for only business , posting Ads are through packages specified respectively. Dashboard view is provided to track sales and traffic rates.


Wants to sell his old car , which is from 90’s. Sees less opportunity for selling an old car with local dealers, hence referred by an old friend to try Quikr to get the car sold faster and in a reasonable price.

Problem Statement

To sell products faster and to get better deal than its competitors.


The Buying Experience

01. On-boarding process

Brings out more delightful and narrowed down search which caters to selling or buying users .

It’s more simple straight to the point on boarding experience which cater to the user who likes to search within specific region or just explore with more categories.

02. Browsing Categories

The user gets a personalised view from the on-boarding process ,In the landing screen the categories are well specified according to the search history of the user looking for a particular product / service .

Also has a well specified tabs of products/services represented in a much delightful colour coded icons, which brings out playful and delightful feel to the user-interface overall .

03. Selecting a Product

After selection of the desired product the user can get the Main features provided by Quikr upfront , which gets missed in the current app while scrolling .

The Filter and sort options are provided upfront for the user which increases the accessibility and efficiency for the user to check them out .

04.Product Specification

Filtering and sorting product is made within the span of the finger tips for the user to get them accessed easily .

The product info and specification is provided upfront and displayed in a clutter free manner.

05. Making an offer ,Transaction & Tracking made smooth

The user is not taken to any third party app to chat , the app provides an instant chat with the owner, without switching between apps.

The transaction between the user and the buyer is made simpler and tracking is made transparent to the user , which made it easier to track or ask for support when needed.

The Selling Experience

The user just have to click and upload the desired product which needs to be sold. The app lets the used know the market price and the rage within the product shall get sold by the seller in the market .This eliminates the overly price concern faced by the buyer and gives the seller an idea to sell the product according to other buyers in the market ,in this case the seller is satisfied with his pricing and is aware of his competitor’s selling range .

The Ad/product forms posting and successful completion of the task message pop-up is made delightful and engaging for the user to interact with than just nearly boring forms layouts.


From this case-study i have learnt how to redesign an application, understanding why certain design decisions are made to drive strategy also keeping in mind how can we make the overall journey more simpler and bring about Human-centered design approach to aline with the business strategy .



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